Energy Assessments

Ever wonder what it would be like to view your performance  from the outside? Or to view the world like someone with complete confidence who is used to constant growth?

You are so used to being the way you’ve always been you can’t even begin to think about other choices.

You aren’t alone in feeling like it is impossible to change.

What if there was a way to objectively see your self and your choices? To shift your thinking so much that the impossible seemed well within reach? To have so much insight about yourself that you felt empowered to choose how to be moving forward?

What would you be willing to do to for access to that much choice?

What is an Energy Assessment?

An Energy Assessment is a two part process where you learn a great deal about why you do everything you do. More than that, you learn about who you are and who you could be. It starts with a short quiz. Then we meet in a live debrief of the results. We discuss the energy that you bring to your life as shown by your quiz results. Studies have shown that certain kinds of energy are associated with higher levels of fulfillment… From there you learn more about how to lead your energy so that it takes you where you want to go.

Use this Assessment


  • Before your coaching to get more value out of the sessions
  • Learn what you do during stress, and better options
  • To gain insight into your performance after an evaluation
  • To more objectively see your strengths and weaknesses before an interview
  • See how you show up in your personal relationships
  • Learn why you have trouble achieving a goal
  • Explore and refine the strengths  you use to succeed
  • After your coaching to get an accurate picture of how far you’ve come

And many more ways!

From past clients:

“I had never noticed this about myself and you were spot on… I don’t understand how you could know these things about me based on just these results.

Get Started!

Once you click the button you’ll be taken to a payment page. After you complete payment, I’ll send you a link to complete the quiz and a link to schedule your debrief*.

*You must complete the quiz at least 3 days before your debrief so that I have time to prepare your assessment.

OK… but what’s the catch?

This assessment includes a quiz, analysis of your test results, and a live 70-minute debrief of those debriefs. This science-backed assessment might cost more than you are used to if you are not familiar with corporate evaluations. Also this process involves a test. Tests bring up all kinds of feelings in people. An in-depth look at how you live your life might also bring up some feelings. It’s up to you whether you see the opportunity in having a safe and supportive space to learn more about how you perform.

That’s it. No surprises.